Time for a Timeline

Guest blogger: Macie Hall, from the CER‘s Innovative Instructor. After the discussion at our April 1st Lunch and Learn: Faculty Conversations on Teaching on the topic Alternatives to the Research Paper, I was asked about applications for creating timelines. Fortunately there are some good options freely available. TimelineJS, developed at Northwestern University’s Knight Lab, uses a Google spreadsheet […]

Follow Your Music

Music makes the world go ‘round. We all carry our music with us – on our devices or in our hearts, or both. But you can do more than that. JHU has one of the best music schools in the world. The Peabody Institute has amazing faculty, many of whom you can hear perform at […]

Geographic Information Systems Day!

Join us in Discovering the World of GIS, our theme for this year’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day, Wednesday, November 14, from 12-6pm. On A-Level of the Eisenhower Library we’ll be showcasing the mapping and data manipulation tool that changed the way we visualize and think about plant Earth. 2012 GIS Day library events include: Where […]

Forget Siri, Text Milton!

We’re at that time of year—classes are coming to an end; all floors in the library will soon be open 24/7; and space is at a premium. You were lucky enough to grab that carrel or table and you’re parked there for the duration. No way you’re giving up this hard-won spot, but you’ve got […]

New Things To Read and More Ways To Read Them

The world of online reading is exploding with new kinds of content (as well as new business models to generate revenue for the publishers and authors). Here are some of the new amazing things to read. Apps for Individual Works — Similar to a DVD’s bonus features which add value, apps for individual books and […]

Smartphone Book Apps

If you’ve been following our Apps blog category, then you already know that there are some pretty cool academic resources out there. We’re still loving WorldCat Mobile and RedLaser! With countless new apps released daily, we wanted to share with you some of our latest discoveries. An app such as Cash4Books allows you to sell used text books […]

Getting to Resources Through Google Scholar

It’s late at night. You’re off-campus. You have a paper due tomorrow and you still need sources. You’d like to turn to Google Scholar, but you’ve been frustrated in the past by trying to figure out if you have free access to an article through JHU. There are many who share your pain—of the over 800 LibQual comments […]

Pop Quiz: What is a TEAMSPOT?

1. Where the lacrosse team practices? 2. What an aspiring athlete hopes for? 3. A new way for students to collaborate? If you guessed number 3 – a new way for students to collaborate – you are correct! TeamSpot is a new software product being piloted on the Homewood campus during spring 2011. TeamSpot allows […]