Sheet Music Deep Dive: Labor Day

Labor Day Imagery

As we celebrated Labor Day this Monday, this week’s deep dive explores music from the labor movement. The Knights of Labor was founded in 1869 and lobbied for reforms including an 8-hour workday, and sought to end child labor and convict labor. Whereas other unions restricted their membership to white, male, skilled workers, the Knights of […]

Bloomberg Arts Intern Recounts Summer Internship with JHU Museums

J’Naya Harris

As students here at Hopkins and around the area returned to school this week, long-separated friends no doubt greeted each other with the tried-and-true query, “What did you do over your summer vacation?” We at the Johns Hopkins University Museums, would like to highlight the summer experience of one Baltimore City Public Schools senior in […]

Johns Hopkins Libraries Participate in Study to Make Streaming Media More Sustainable

streaming media clipart

Streaming media for classroom and research purposes has exploded over recent years. The shift to remote instruction during the coronavirus pandemic accelerated initiatives by Johns Hopkins’ libraries to expand access to streaming media. Often pricing models and licensing restrictions limit what can be offered or how content may be used. This year, the libraries will […]

Maps from the Past, Health Data from the Present, and Aspirations for Baltimore’s Future: the Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program at Data Services

Baltimore Map Cropped

Written by Lena Denis,  Geospatial Data, GIS, and Maps Librarian  This summer, I had the privilege of hosting two Baltimore City student employees – Janiya Brown and Tinaya English – through the Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program (JHSJP) in partnership with YouthWorks. They worked with me to create educational materials using ArcGIS Online and JScholarship that highlighted how historic maps of Baltimore reveal urban development patterns that impact health and environmental issues for the city’s […]

Sheet Music Deep Dive: Poetry

Woman Reading Poetry

Music and text have been paired together since the earliest expressions of art—from ancient Egypt to the medieval morality plays of Hildegard von Bingen. When opera emerged, the composer and librettist (someone who writes the text for a musical work) would work hand in hand, like Mozart and his librettist Lorenzo da Ponte. Of course, […]

JHU Class of 2025, Apply to Be a Freshman Fellow!

Cropped Comic Panel

Special Collections is accepting applications for Freshman Fellows, a one-year fellowship exclusively available to the fabulous JHU Class of 2025! The program is designed to introduce students to the joys, challenges, and thrills involved in conducting research with primary sources. Limited to just four freshmen, Freshman Fellows provides its scholars with support by pairing each […]

In Memoriam: Dr. Gil Levin

Portrait of Dr. Levin

The day that I learned that Dr. Gilbert V. Levin (’47, PhD ’63) had passed away was not long after NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) announced that its Perseverance rover had started its search for ancient microbial life on the Red Planet.  I can only imagine Gil’s excitement as he watched the developments from the […]

Sheet Music Deep Dive: Baltimore Landmarks


The Levy collection contains over 2,000 songs published in Baltimore, including some historic depictions of Baltimore’s landmarks and monuments. Fifth Regiment March was published by one of the most prolific sheet music publishers in the city, F.D. Benteen. The cover shows the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon– the monument was built between 1815 and 1829, […]