The Library Bunch!

What do you call a librarian with no library? Well, it may sound like the lead-in to a dad joke but thanks to the closure of the Johns Hopkins libraries in response to the Coronavirus, we are finding ourselves asking this very question. Luckily, the answer is pretty simple. A librarian without a library is […]

Ebooks in the time of COVID-19

Reading Ebooks Online

With libraries being shuttered indefinitely around the world to help stop the spread of COVID-19, a number of publishers have opted to make their electronic resources available more broadly, including ebooks. Since ebooks tend to be more scattered and difficult to find than a given journal article (which FindIt@JohnsHopkins, with its DOI search, can usually […]

Video Streaming for Academic Use

Film Reels

The library just expanded its offerings of streaming video for you to use for research and teaching! We just subscribed to Academic Video Online (AVON) to give you more options. It is available through two platforms you may already be familiar with: ProQuest and Alexander Street Press. Use whichever one you prefer! AVON offers almost […]

Update on Open Science and COVID-19

DNA String

While many of us are following good social distancing practices by staying home, medical researchers and practitioners continue their work out in the world. Back in January I described how Open Science supports public health research and response in these kinds of fast-moving situations. It’s time for a quick update. Before March 13th, less than […]

Questions With Your Librarian: Jim Gillispie


Please enjoy this interview with one of the Librarians of Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries: Jim Gillispie! Who are you and what do you do? I’m the new Social Science Librarian for Public Health Studies, Economics, and Government Information.  I started in this exciting new role on Nov. 15, 2019.   During my first few months […]

You Read a Lot of Open Books!

Woman Reading Book

I’ve written here a lot about Open Access, primarily to journal articles. In fact, Hopkins has an Open Access Policy which asks our faculty to make their peer-reviewed journal articles openly available for all to read. Now it’s time to turn our attention to Open Books. These books are produced by reputable publishers, go through […]

Play, Lady, Play

So, just what are you looking for when it comes to the ideal game? Do you want it to be an “eye-opening”, “uproariously funny,” “winterful of fun”? Then look no further because Special Collections has the most perfect game in the world for you: Pank-a-Squith! Pank-a-what? Pank-a-Squith is a pro-women’s suffrage board game in which […]

Fair Use Can Be Fun!

February 24 – 28 is Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week. But why should you care? You should care because Fair Use is a US law that you utilize frequently, even daily. Fair Use makes a number of things possible, including: parody and satire quoting and citing remixes scanning and photocopying Fair Use lets you use copyrighted […]

Hugh Hawkins Fellows Margo Peyton and Michael Healey: “Why is it Important to Study History?”

Today, we hear from Margo Peyton and Michael Healey about their experiences as Hugh Hawkins fellows! Funding provided by Hopkins Retrospective supported their research at the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions from June to August 2019. Margo and Michael then presented at an event for DURA and Hugh Hawkins […]