Notices and Signs

There are very few signs in the Brody Learning Commons. Areas are named and rooms are numbered. There is a space directory that is being edited for accuracy. Level identification is still under review and many folks have expressed an opinion about this. But we don’t have signs about the rules. There aren’t any messages […]

Loving those lockers!

When you have a very long study session and need to take a meal break, a locker can be your best friend. But not all lockers are created equal. If you’re trying to decide where to store your stuff, here’s a quick overview of the different styles we offer. Carrel Lockers A student can request […]

Library Lockers – New Loan Time

You asked, we listened. Short-term lockers in MSE now have a new loan time. At the request of our students, the short-term locker keys can be borrowed for 48 hours with one renewal. The overdue fees are assessed at $1/day.

Lockers in the Library

Spending long hours at the library and need a break? Don’t leave your textbooks and laptop on a library table or tote them around in your backpack. Use your J-card to check out a locker key at the Circulation Desk and stow your valuables safely away. At students’ requests, we have placed 48 lockers on […]