Web Archiving & the Wayback Machine

Would you like to see old versions of the website for your student group to find out who ran it and what they did? Or maybe you’d like to examine the content and presentation of whitehouse.gov on September 13, 2001 for a paper. What about browsing JHUNIVERSE — JHU’s first website — and seeing its use statistics from 1996? All […]

Celebrating Life as a Hopkins Student Then and Now

Over alumni weekend, the Office of the President and the Archives marked the culmination of a year-long collaborative exploration of the JHU student experience, past and present, with an engaging lecture by Professor Stuart “Bill” Leslie and a reception celebrating the release of a series of online exhibits curated by current JHU undergraduates. Under the […]

Digital Forensics in the Archives

Digital forensics is a specialized field that focuses on recovering and analyzing information from media and devices such as computer hard drives, floppy disks, flash drives, cell phones and so forth. Developed primarily for law enforcement, digital forensics tools and methodologies have been embraced by a growing number of archivists and librarians who are charged […]