Written by Laurel Poolman 

Researchers aren’t born knowing how to manage research data. Or to write a Python code. Or to make interactive maps. There are countless data-related tools available to students, teachers, and researchers and the JHU Libraries provides a service dedicated to helping the Hopkins community navigate these resources. 

Data Services, located in the MSE Library and currently working virtually, is a group dedicated to aiding researchers and instructors at JHU in their data-related needs.  The experts in this team support a wide range of services related to faculty, students, and researchers, including: 

– Creating a data management plan for your research project or proposal
– Accessing relevant data for research or teaching
– Familiarizing you with open-source data analysis tools like Python and R
– Archiving your data for open sharing
– Choosing proper tools to visualize your data
– Designing and implementing statistical analyses of social science and behavioral data
– Mapping your data for geospatial analysis
– Accessing JHU’s vast historical map collection

 Data Services is here to serve a wide array of different research projects from across the Hopkins community. 

 Maybe you’re an undergraduate student trying to find a dataset for your senior thesis, but you’re not exactly sure where to find the raw numbers. Check out our curated Data and Statistics LibGuide that can help you find a dataset that suits your project.  

 Or maybe you’re a graduate student looking to work with data in R or visualize your data on maps for geospatial analysis. We offer introductory workshops in a variety of subjects including R, Python, ArcGIS, and other tools to help you create analytically and visually powerful map images 

 Researchers and faculty might use our free online DMPTool to prepare a grant proposal, or reach out to one of our data management specialists to help you preserve your data in our JHU Data Archive once your project is done 

 Whatever your research, our team is here to help you navigate your data needs. We provide training and consultation services through


 Normally located on A-Level, we’ve moved our services entirely online since March 2020, making our trainings and services available accessible via any internet connection. More information about our services is available on our website and you can reach out to us via our chat or send us an email at dataservices@jhu.edu