Student testing VR equipment in Johns Hopkins robotics lab
JHU Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics

You’re probably familiar with a lot of the JHU offices and centers; maybe you have visited the Office of Multicultural Affairs, checked equipment out of the Digital Media Center, or joined some of the more than 300 student organizations and clubs.

JHU has lots and lots of offices and centers and institutes and initiatives, such as those for water, guitar, cities, and robotics.

Here are a few more:

Guitar stringsYou SOPHOMORES may know about the Center for Student Success, but don’t miss the activities especially for your Second-year Experience.

You MUSICIANS and DANCERS may not realize that there are practice rooms at the Mattin Center. Do you need drums, piano, or a mirror? We’ve got those.

You DO know about the Center for Health, Education, and Wellness (CHEW), but it’s always worth repeating.  Read the links on the left to see just a few of the ways that the center can help you. CHEW is the part of the student health center that works on promoting good health. For YOU.

Colorful Wizard of Oz cakePerhaps most important: your library has parties. Don’t miss:


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