74664159_48a3edb27d_qAn embarrassment of riches in the form of remarkable speakers is yours for the taking on Tuesday, April 5.

This year’s keynote speaker at the 7th Annual Public Health Student Forum will be the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy.

Vice Admiral Murthy has been on the job for a little over a year. He is responsible for communicating to the public about health matters, as well as overseeing over 6,500 public health personnel in the Uniformed Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

As his biography details, Dr. Murthy has done an extraordinary range of jobs, including medical clinician, researcher, co-founder of a software tech company having to do with clinical trials, and president of the non-profit Doctors for America.

This event’s many other speakers, from JHU and elsewhere, will introduce you to a wide range of public health problems and issues. It is always a remarkable experience.

The semester’s final Conversations in Medicine will feature Dr. Emily Oster, associate professor of economics at Brown University. She has worked on an astonishingly wide array of topics – her research papers include topics from China (Hepatitis B Does Not Explain Male-Biased Sex Ratios in China), Africa (Routes of Infection: Exports and HIV Incidence in Sub-Saharan Africa), and India (Proximate Sources of Population Sex Imbalance in India). In addition, she has done research about the complicated issue of health insurance and those at risk for Huntington Disease, and discovered, to her surprise, a lack of knowledge among this population about a law that protects them.


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