zombiesIt’s the end of the year (or maybe the end of the world?) and since I’m writing this on a gray afternoon, my mind is focused on the end of all things. Since I’m a librarian, I can’t help but search our catalog for books about different kinds of endings. Here’s what I found.

Judgment Day – A bit old-fashioned, but lots of books, several in languages other than English.

End of the Universe  – This list is for the cosmologists. (Sorry to say we have some of Douglas Adams’ books, but not Restaurant at the End of the Universe.)

World’s End – A popular title. But my favorite is the movie with Simon Pegg.

Apocalypse – I had no idea there were lots of kinds of apocalypses: Apocalypse of Mary, of Daniel, of James, and more. There’s the classic movie Apocalypse Now. Zombie Apocalypse is the current apocalypse of choice, which includes the Walking Dead.

I hope you celebrate the end of this year and the start of the new one in a happy way!

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