“I love football. Football is fun.” – Remember the Titans

footballFootball season is in full swing and it’s going to be here for a few more months. Football is televised almost every day of the week, so football fans can get in their weekly dose almost anytime. But what about those people who want football every day? If SportsCenter replays aren’t cutting it for you and you’re craving some football on Tuesday nights, check out a football DVD from the library.

MSE has two of my favorites, Remember the Titans, and The Blind Side, as well as all five seasons of Friday Night Lights.  Other feature films include Brian’s Song, Any Given Sunday, and North Dallas Forty.

Documentaries about football can give you more detail on the history of the game, important moments in football, and American culture more generally. Harvard beats Yale 29-29 recounts the 1968 rivalry game against the two undefeated teams, and the Ghosts of Ole Miss explores the team’s integration in the early 1960s.

Be careful when searching “football” in Catalyst. This also pulls up materials on soccer and rugby, so if you’re looking for materials on American football, take a quick scan through the subject listings to hone in on what you want. Not all the football movies are tagged as “football” either – also search for “sports” and limit your format to DVDs.

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