Baseball is one of those sports with lots of myths, legends, and superheroes from days past. As America’s national pastime, there are countless books about the sport, its players, and even its fans. Playing and watching baseball are two things you can’t really do in the library, but you can read about baseball and check out some baseball feature films.

baseball dictionaryWant to learn more about baseball in your state? Take a peek at Baseball State by State. More interested in statistics? We have a book on that too. The National Archives even holds historical materials related to baseball. If you really want to keep up to date with Baseball Digest, we have access to the latest electronic version, going back all the way to 1998.

Of course, I have my own copy of Field of Dreams that I can pop in my DVD player whenever I want, but the Libraries have a ton of other baseball movies should I want to expand my horizons a bit. If you’re more into zombies than baseball, we even have the film, Battlefield Baseball, for scenes of “baseball carnage” and “blue-faced zombies” all together in one film.

So when your favorite team has a rained out game, spend the time watching a nostalgic baseball movie, reading about your favorite home-run hitter, or learning about the people behind the mysterious announcer voices. With all the baseball materials in the Sheridan Libraries, you’ll never strike out.

3 thoughts on “Take me out to the Ball Game…or the Library

  1. I think I’m going to borrow Battlefield Baseball. I saw the dvd make it’s way through cataloging a couple of years ago and was very amused by the concept of baseball players vs. zombies. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I’d like to mention Ken Burns:Baseball as a must see. He covered the history of the game from the 19th century up through the first decade of the 21st century. Best noted for the interviews with former players and famous fans as well as rare photos and video footage.

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