OAweek2014We’ve wished you a Happy Open Access Week several times in this space. Problem is, Open Access (or OA) is available all the time. And the JHU Libraries provide services and resources to help you with your OA-related needs. So instead of focusing on OA Week, here’s a round-up of OA services and resources that the JHU Libraries provide.

Information Sources – Do you have questions about authors’ rights, the Digital Humanities, or Open Access itself? Then check out our Scholarly Communications guide. It offers an overview of OA and other new trends in scholarly publishing.

Open Access Promotion Fund – Perhaps our most popular service, this fund helps young JHU researchers (students and untenured faculty) with the article processing charges some OA journals require. To be eligible for reimbursement, the article must be published in a journal listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals. If the article processing charges are not covered by a grant, researchers can be reimbursed up to $1500 per article from the OAPF. A researcher can receive a maximum of $1500 per year from the fund. See the OAPF page for more details and a link to the submission form.

Data Management Services – The JHUDMS helps JHU researchers in managing, sharing and archiving their research data. We serve the Homewood campus, School of Medicine, and Bloomberg School of Public Health by providing the following services.

  • We assist with the organization and preparation of Data Management Plans for grant proposals.
  • We provide consulting and training services on the best practices of data management for researchers and graduate students.
  • We provide a data sharing and archiving solution here at JHU through the JHU Data Archive. This is an archiving option that includes assigning of permanent identifiers to data collections and organization of the data for public access and sharing.

Electronic Publishing Services – Want to start your own OA journal? We can help! Our User Interface Applications Group provides OA journal hosting, including initial setup, configuration, training, registration with search engines, acquisition of ISSN, registration with bibliographic indexes, creation of library catalog record, record uploaded to WorldCat, etc. If you’re interested in OA books, we can help with e-book consultation and creation. We can discuss e-book format options, e-book generation using open-source software tools, custom e-book design and programming with you. Contact Mark Cyzyk, mcyzyk@jhu.edu.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations – Starting last year, all doctoral dissertations and most masters theses must now be submitted electronically. These documents will be made freely available to the public in a library repository, although students may place an embargo of up to four years in order to delay publication. Questions may be directed to David Reynolds at 410-516-7220 or etd-support@jhu.edu.

JScholarship – This is our institutional repository that lets faculty deposit born-digital or digitized research and instructional materials such as scholarly articles, working papers, and technical papers. Make your research reach a wider audience by making it freely available here. For more information, contact David Reynolds at 410-516-7220 or davidr@jhu.edu.

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