One tool that will tell you how many times an article has been cited, or who cited a particular article, is Web of Science. It has a new platform, so here are a few helpful tips.

You land on the Basic Search page:

WoS search box 2014

  • You can add more rows by clicking “Add Another Field.”
  • Use the drop-down boxes on the right to specify what you’re searching for — choose title words, author, etc.

WoS cited ref search 2014

Go to the Cited Reference Search page by clicking the drop-down arrow next to Basic Search.

WoS top right tools 2014

More tools for you on the top right of the screen:

  1. Sign In — Register so that you can save searches or export citations to EndNote
  2. Help — How to save your settings and create alerts
  3. Languages — Click the word “English” to change language
  4. My Tools — Choose EndNote, ResearcherID, or Saved Searches and Alerts
  5. Search History — See what searches you have done during this session
  6. Marked List — This shows you how many citations are in your “marked list”

Here is a quick-reference page. And here are tutorials about cited reference searching, exporting records, and other topics.

Finally, big news: Google Scholar search results link directly to Web of Science citations, and Web of Science citations link directly to corresponding full text in Google Scholar:   

Wos in Scholar 2014
Google Scholar linking to Web of Science
Scholar in WoS 2014
Web of Science linking to Google Scholar

Ask your librarian if you have more questions.

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