For many of us, our last brush with geography was in middle school when we were asked to color in maps of various regions that we were studying, and we haven’t given it much thought since then. Well, times have changed, and all kinds of things in our daily lives from traffic signals to maps on the Internet, are made possible by Geographic Information Systems.

Want to learn more about it? Join our GIS and Data Services Staff for a series of workshops this fall. They’re free, and you’ll learn cool new ways to map data. It may inspire you to create some maps to add to our GIS mapping display. So much more awesome than just colored-in country outlines!

3 thoughts on “GIS Workshops: Geography is Cooler than You Think It Is

  1. This semester we will continue weekly workshops until Thanksgiving. We repeat these workshops each semester. Reviewing and changing the topics as needed. Here is a list of the rest of this semester’s schedule.

    10/8 – Intro to ArcGIS Online 10/15 – Overview of Data (Jen and Bonni) – where to find and how to use
    10/22 – Joining and Geocoding
    10/29 – Intro to Statistical Packages and ICPSR data
    11/5 – Digitizing and Georeferencing
    11/12 – Actually do this on 11/13 because of GISday (amongst other things – Georeferencing)
    11/19 – Workshop by vote – so far either: python code, web APIs, remote sensing, model builder, …suggest from the group

    I hope this helps,


    Bonni Wittstadt
    Database and GIS Specialist

  2. will you be doing this series of workshops again? please let me know when/if you do.
    thank you!

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