You might think that MSEL empties out over the summer. Fewer people come in but we aren’t empty, by any means. Who are these intrepid researchers, risking the heat of a Baltimore summer to visit MSEL? I’m glad you asked.

  • JHU graduate students and faculty – Yes, these people research the year ’round, so they’re still here during the summer. They seem to enjoy the lack of undergraduate students and the increased quiet.
  • Community members – Our neighbors know the building is emptier, quieter, and easier to navigate during the summer, so they take advantage of it and visit us for their research and reading needs.
  • Summer session students – The undergraduates that stay through the summer are either involved in summer courses or are pursuing their own research. Besides more available computers, I believe our air conditioning is also a big hit this summer.
  • Summer groups – Groups like the Center for Talented Youth are on campus during the summer and they often use the library and our resources for their projects. You’ll see them sometimes in the Electronic Resource Center on M level. (The lacrosse camps don’t visit us. Imagine!)

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