Join the Johns Hopkins Film Society for their 2012 Film Festival this Friday through Sunday (April 6-8) at Shriver Hall on the Homewood Campus. As you film aficionados know, there is no shortage of great film in Baltimore – recently the Tournées French Film Festival, the upcoming Maryland Film Festival, not to mention great year-round venues like The Charles and The Senator. Am I missing some? I bet I am. Makes sense since Baltimore is home to the likes of John Waters and Barry Levinson – by the way, check out their films when you get a chance.

Back to the topic at hand: this year’s Johns Hopkins Film Festival features great stuff, such as Fellini’s 8-1/2, Laughton’s Night of the Hunter, and three sets of short films. Want to see the entire schedule? Here it is. Need more details? Here ya go. Ticket information? Bam. Now you just need directions and you’re all set. Oh, for the Facebook devoted, look here.

Are you a studious film buff? Yeah, I know you are. Admit it. So, naturally, you’ll need to do a little research ahead of time to maximize your film-festivizing. The library has fantastic resources for:

Not to mention, our gigantic film collection! (By the way, you can narrow those results by adding subject words, names, languages and stuff – like this, this, and this.)

OK, I think that does it! You’re ready for the Festival – see you there!

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