I tweet. Quite a lot, actually. Does that make me a twit?

If you think so, tell it to the astronauts on the International Space Station (@ISS_Research), whose feed is “NASA’s official source for research news from the International Space Station – the world’s laboratory in orbit.” Many astronauts have individual feeds, too.

Did you know that the JHU libraries have about 1 million e-books? There’s a lot to learn about the world of e-books, believe me. To help me do that, I follow many e-book publishers, sellers, librarians, authors, and others in the complex world of e-reading, such as @PublishersLunch, @thDigitalReader, and @internetarchive.

I also love @JohnsHopkins! So I follow lots of Hopkins tweeters, including science writers (e.g., @INBT_JHU and @LisaDeNike), many students, and of course, @mselibrary!

Grammar and punctuation – especially punctuation – are our friends. Love my writing fixes from feeds like @GrammarMonkeys and @APStylebook (Associated Press).

Techie stuff! The future, the universe,and everything. Try @TechCrunch, @techreview, and @CNET, for starters. And yes, of course I follow my share of sci fi authors and publishers, and couldn’t live without my feeds from Star Trek folks, including Leonard Nimoy (@TheRealNimoy) and Nichelle Nichols @RealNichelle.

I learn so much from my Twitter feeds! Which ones do YOU follow?

3 thoughts on “Why I Tweet

  1. Some of the e-books aren’t accessible.

    I can’t seem to access the content of https://catalyst.library.jhu.edu/catalog/bib_4005040 (Bayesian modeling using WinBUGS) using an on-campus computer. I went in to Welch and also e-mailed someone from digital services.

    Dear Yasir,
    Thanks for your question. It turns out that we do not have this book so its catalog record will be removed. Our apologies for indicating that we had it!
    Best regards,
    Ellen Keith
    Research Services

  2. Thanks for the interesting comment, Chris! And I’ve picked up a few of the feeds you recommend; thanks for those, too.

  3. Naturally following @JohnsHopkins is de rigeur, and the lists you mention are quite useful. I’ve also noticed that the infrequently tweeting @JHUResearch account has a fantastic follower list of mostly Hopkins people and some good local Baltimore/Maryland twits.

    Like you, for info on e-books and other similar topics I have to follow @ProfHacker at the @Chronicle.

    For writing, books, media, publishing and other great stuff, I highly recommend following @weegee.

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