Are you writing a paper on the history of the Soviet era? The Pravda Digital Archive database provides access to important primary source material from the beginning of the Russian Revolution through World War II. It also covers the Cold War as well as the fall of the Soviet Union. The Pravda has been a significant newspaper in Russia since the beginning of the Soviet era. It covers various subjects such as literature, communist theory, science, economics, culture, etc. After the October Revolution of 1917, Pravda became the official voice of the Soviet Communist Party and helped in defining the Soviet public opinion. Articles from this newspaper offers a glimpse of the lives of common people in Soviet Russia. 

Apart from articles, users can also access other kinds of primary source materials like advertisements, photos, and cartoons. This database offers access to both full text and images. Both basic and advanced search options are available. Users can search the database in Cyrillic with the help of a Cyrillic virtual keyboard. Moreover, a Russian transliteration table is also provided which is very helpful. The universal database platform makes it convenient to search across multiple databases including the Current Digest of the Russian Press and the Russian Central Newspapers.

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