Usually when people are found dancing inside the George Peabody Library, there’s a wedding going on. OK, that’s not entirely true. We do also occasionally find a researcher (or staff member) getting down after having found that perfect (or at least perfectly weird) volume.

But this is an opportunity altogether rare and different. You (yes you, gentle reader) are invited to join the dean of the libraries as well as faculty and students this Friday as we turn the reading room into a dance hall video shoot.

Curious? Here’s the scoop. Each year, some very creative folks put together a thank you piece to recognize all the friends and alumni of Johns Hopkins whose generous support makes so much possible across the university. Each school and division is filming a segment, and so this is your chance to come to the Peabody Library and dance.

If you’re still unsure what this is all about, here’s last year’s video, which featured folks singing a Hopkins-ified version of a Gilbert & Sullivan classic.

This year we’re aiming for something completely different. For real.

So join us this Friday, November 18, at the George Peabody Library at 1 pm. The shoot only takes an hour; simple (very simple) dance moves will be taught on site. And we’ll provide lunch afterwards for all the dancers.

E-mail Brian Shields ( if you are interested in participating. If you’ve got a Hopkins hoodie or sweatshirt and can wear it to the shoot, so much the better. Legwarmers optional.

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