… students studying, printers printing, and MUSIC (via headphones so you don’t disturb fellow researchers)!

But seriously folks, there are a number of music resources available to you for your musical avocations or just for your entertainment. As you know, Hopkins is home to the Peabody Institute, a prestigious music conservatory and preparatory. They have an extensive performance calendar – please attend!

And, largely to support these burgeoning musicians, the libraries have access to many interesting resources that you may find useful.

Here are some highlights of our multimedia sources:

Feel free to stream them (via headphones, in the library) to your heart’s content!

We also have great sources of musical scores, in print and electronically. To find them, use the Scores section of the more general Music Research Guide. There, you may search the online catalog for printed scores generally and by musical notation code. You can also access our online resources for sheet music, such as the Sheet Music Consortium and the IMSLP web site.

If something you’ve heard – or heard about – piques your interest, use the research tools on the Music Research Guide for background information, books, and articles on your subject! And, keep in mind you can always visit the Friedheim Music Library on the campus of the Peabody Institute in lovely Mount Vernon neighborhood. The librarians there are specialists and would have a lot of good advice. While you’re in Mount Vernon, grab a nice lunch!

2 thoughts on “MSEL is Alive with the Sound of…

  1. Thanks Don,

    Great resources! I tried DRAM online and found some excellent J. S. Bach to listen–among many more, all sorted by composers, performers, instruments, labels, etc… Very nice!

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