Created by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (a JHU alumnus), and now a service of Bloomberg L.P., the Bloomberg Financial Service offers real-time and selected historical economic, financial, and industrial news, analysis, and data. Would you believe that over 20,000 functions are accessible through just this one electronic resource?

Knowing its popularity to our researchers, we are very excited to be able to offer the Bloomberg Financial Service at these JHU libraries, effective this September!  Look for the special keyboard!

  • Milton S. Eisenhower Library (A-Level, South end)
  • Carey Business School Harbor East
  • Columbia Center
  • Montgomery Resource Center
  • Washington Library Resource Center (1717 Massachusetts Ave.)

These terminals are available on a first come, first served basis. The Milton S. Eisenhower terminals are designated solely for the use of Bloomberg to ensure their availability for this purpose.

Under this academic package license, access is only available to current JHU faculty and students for their academic research.  Upon logging into the computer with their JHED ID/password, users can either log into Bloomberg with the designated login/password for that terminal or set up a personal account for additional capabilities.

For more information about getting started, help features and tutorials, until formal training is arranged, please refer to the library’s Bloomberg Guide.

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