Are you researching the history of the British Empire? Then, we have some good news for you! Recently, we have added the second part of the 19th Century UK Periodicals to our e-resources collection.

Those of you who have had an opportunity to use the database know that it has an excellent collection of journals, newspapers, and magazines for researching British life in the Victorian era. Previously, we only had access to the first part of the series which focused on New Readerships: Women’s, Children’s, Humor and Leisure/Sport. This series traces the growth of literacy, leisure, sports, and hobbies.

The newly acquired second part, Empire: Travel and Anthropology, Economics, Missionary and Colonial, mainly focuses on the history of expansion of the British Empire. This provides access to rare primary source materials from the different regions of the British Empire, including Africa, Canada, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand, etc. The second part is a valuable resource for researching topics such as travel and exploration, economic history, colonial history, missionary activities in the British Empire, slavery, anthropology and race, etc. Primary source materials that were originally issued in color can be accessed from the database.

Both basic and advanced search options are available for users. You can also search the individual publication titles. Title lists of periodicals are also available both the first and the second parts.

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