Despite protests to the contrary, we know that Hopkins students and researchers have leisure time because they read fiction and watch movies!

But what about the academic books you use for your research and classes? Which parts of the MSEL book collection get the most circulation? This does not include journals, newspapers, magazines, or reference books because they don’t circulate.

Below are the most-circulated parts of our collection in 2009. Philosophy and math lead the pack by a huge margin, probably because they are important to other areas of study like ethics and engineering.

Call Number Topic # Circulations
B Philosophy 12,317
QA Mathematics 12,236
E United States history 7,216
DS History of Asia 6,308
PT Near Eastern Studies 5,695
F History of the Americas 5,560
PS American literature 5,521
PQ Romance literature 5,495
N Visual arts 5,254
QC Physics 5,124

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