As summer winds down and the spectre of classes, course readings, and assignments looms, take these last few days for some non-academic reading. Casting around for a book recommendation? 

If you’re looking for a theme, try authors with a second job. Well, unless you’ve got J.K. Rowling‘s sales figures, almost all authors have a second job. Okay, try authors who have voluntarily chosen a second job—musicians. 

The Rock Bottom Remainders debuted in 1992 at the American Booksellers Association convention. Famous members include Mitch Albom, Dave Barry, Roy Blount, Jr., Greg Iles, Kathi Kamen GoldmarkMatt Groening, Stephen King, James McBride, Ridley Pearson, Amy Tan, and Scott Turow. The band tours once a year for a week, and sadly Wordstock 2010 was back in April. Still, if you like what you read, keep an eye out for the 2011 tour!

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