You have a paper due and you’re surfing Google for topic info. Hmm, there’s an article that looks good [click].

Drat, a password screen! What a PAIN – why do I need a password to see this article?!

Good news: you probably don’t.

Publishers and vendors only give access to people whose institutions pay millions of dollars per year for it (like JHU does).

  • You CAN’T get in when you go directly from Google to the publisher/vendor site, because the site doesn’t know who you are. That’s why it wants a password (or money).
  • You CAN get in when you go through the library’s web site. When you do that, the publisher site will say, “Oh, are you from Hopkins? Prove it by entering your JHED ID.”

To sum up: how do you save time *and* get higher-quality hits?

1. Search the library’s databases by clicking the “more” button on theĀ database box on the library’s homepageĀ (shown above), or
2. Use Google Scholar (not Google) and fix it so that you can go directly through to the article (or see where it’s located in the library if we don’t have it online).

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