In the homestretch of spring semester, you may not have the time for pleasure reading. But Hopkins students can still enjoy a quick escape. In just two hours, you can travel to India in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited; or head back in time to 16th century England with The Other Boleyn Girl. And who doesn’t want to hang out with Juno’s Michael Cera and Ellen Page?

These getaways are made possible thanks to the McNaughton DVD Collection, located in the M-level lobby of MSEL. If you’re not based at Homewood, no problem: Just click the blue request button, and we’ll deliver the DVD directly to your campus library! The one week loan period begins when you pick it up.

There are nearly 200 movies to choose from, and with new ones added every month, there are endless adventures waiting for you.

Top Circulated DVDs of 2009

1.  27 Dresses
2.  Definitely, Maybe
3.  Sweeney Todd
4.  The Darjeeling Limited
5.  The Golden Compass
6.  In Bruges
7.  Atonement
8.  The Other Boleyn Girl
9.  Cloverfield
10.  Juno

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