We have a few resources to help you see deep inside yourself. No, I’m not talking about self help; I’m talking about muscles, nerves, and bones. Human anatomy! We have two resources that offer images, animations, and 3D computer models of human anatomy.

Primal Pictures Interactive is our newest resource. It contains complete anatomical 3D computer-generated models of human anatomy. Users can manipulate the images by rotating, zooming, and peeling away layers, while viewing accompanying text. Primal Pictures Interactive includes biomechanical animations, dynamic MRI, and movie clips to supplement the 3D models and interactive quizzes. This database is currently limited to 50 concurrent users.

Thieme Teaching Assistant, Anatomy offers professional human anatomy illustrations. All visitors to the site are welcome to browse and use the free demo. Once you register and create an account, you can modify images, save them to a folder, and export them.

This image is from Thieme Teaching Assistant, Anatomy, by Karl Wesker.

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