On October 3 Cornell University Libraries announced that arXiv, the free online repository for articles in physics, math, and stats, has passed the 500,000 article mark. A good number of these articles are from Hopkins researchers. Search for your favorite prof or grad student!

arXiv was developed in 1991 and is the oldest online article repository in existence. arXiv administrators anticipate reaching one million articles sometime in 2015, if submission rates continue to increase at their current rate.

The Open Access movement is gaining momentum. arXiv can be considered the grandfather of the movement. PubMedCentral, run by the National Institutes of Health is another freely available group of journal articles you may be familiar with. JScholarship is the new repository that JHU researchers can use to make their work freely available. The Scholarly Communication Group has a website with lots of information about making research freely available.

Congratulations, arXiv!

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