Article on Johns Hopkins telescope from Grand Forks Herald, published as Grand Forks Daily Herald, November 20, 1908We’re happy to announce we’ve expanded our subscription to America’s Historical Newspapers to include hundreds of additional historic newspapers totaling approximately 6 million pages from newspapers published in all fifty states between 1690 and 1922. Notable newspapers include: The Baltimore Sun (1837-1901), The New Orleans Times-Picayune, (1861-1900), The Liberator, (1831-1865), and the Maryland Gazette (1728-1832), amongst many others.

You can search America’s Historical Newspapers by date, state or city of publication, as well as browse individual newspaper titles. Once you find an article or issue, you’re able to view, magnify, print and save digital images of articles, pages, and issues of papers. Wonder what the articles look like? See the above sample image from a November 20, 1908 article from the Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota), about developments in experimental physics at Johns Hopkins. Click the image to go read the rest of the article!

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