Have you ever wondered just how useful a book will be to your topic? Microsoft Live Search has recently started offering a new tool that will help you begin to answer that question.

MS Live Search

Following close on the heels of Google’s book search, Microsoft has developed its own book digitization project and launched its own book search site (in beta). The search is very similar to that of Google’s, but Live Search offers a nifty visual clue to show users just how useful a book will be, taking into account the search terms used.

The ruler “Results in this book” image, dotted with green, pinpoints where in the book your search terms are located. The more often those terms appear, the more green that ruler is … and the more relevant that book may be.

It’s a nice tool to keep in mind while you’re looking for books to help you with those end of term papers. They’re due sooner than you think.

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