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Ever had need for information from a Web page (or entire site) that has been taken down? Need to review past manifestations of an existing site?

The Internet Archives™ Way Back Machine might just have what you’re looking for.

Instead of inputting keyword or subject search terms, type the URL for the Web page you are seeking in the Way Back Machine search box. Next, click “Take Me Back.”

After processing, you’ll likely see a results list identifying dates the site was recorded. These links connect you to the site’s historical content. Dates when changes were made to the site are also noted.

Although not exhaustive in scope, the Way Back Machine offers a way in which you may access information that has been removed from the open Web, in addition to documenting the changes made to a Web site over time.

The Internet Archive also has a host of other features in addition to the Way Back Machine, including video, music and other audio, and digital texts. Explore!

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