Some nights are slow for we few, we happy few, reference librarians at MSEL. But February is almost over and y’all are gearing up for mid- and end of semester papers, so boy was I busy last night.

Here are just a few of the questions your fellow students asked. Keep ’em coming!

How do you cite a corporate website using APA style guide? Answer: Of course, I would first suggest checking APA’s manual of style. You can also take a look at Harvard University’s publication, Writing with Internet Sources. Remember, citing electronic resources is an art, not a science. Style guides are just that … guides. Try to take the rules they give you and work with what information you have.

Can you help me locate information on the history of Baltimore as an industrial center in the nineteenth century? Answer: Sure! Check the library catalog. On the advanced search page, look for “Baltimore”, “history” and “industr*” as subject keywords. (FYI: placing an astrix after the stem of the word when you’re searching the catalog will help you get all of the words with that stem. So searching for industr* means that I’m looking for industrial, industry, etc.) You’ll get this book. It looks great.

Where can I find current, research articles on infertility and endometriosis in African American women? Why PubMed, of course.

I’m looking for a French book that was referenced in a bibliography. When I look for the book, I find the title, the author, and the edition … but the date of the book is different. I’m looking for a book from 1913 and the book that your library has (and all of the others around have) say that the book was printed in 1914. Answer: I checked WorldCat and saw that the edition the professor was looking for was printed multiple times. So … the bibliography was referencing the first printing of a 3rd edition (1913) while all of the editions at Hopkins and surrounding libraries are the 3rd and 4th printings of that same edition (issued in 1914).

How do I browse for movies? ‘Nough said.

Where can I find the net sales, operating income and net income for the Nintendo Corporation? Answer: Our Business Librarian has a wonderful subject guide explaining how to find annual reports that contain just that type of information. I found the financial information for Nintendo using Mergent Online.

Thanks for keeping my night interesting!

2 thoughts on “Night Owl: An Evening at MSEL

  1. What a cool post. The students are lucky to have someone who is so engaged with helping them. College libraries can be such intimidating places; kudos to you and your colleagues for making it a friendlier place!

    Beth Fehlbaum
    Author, Courage in Patience

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