It’s a sad day for film. Ingmar Bergman died today on the island of Faro , on the Baltic coast of Sweden. The New York Times has a beautiful tribute him in their online edition.

Bergman’s first memories, the article states, were of light and death. It comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen his work – many of them meditations on light as tool, as aesthetic, and as metaphor.

I’m upset that we haven’t received the new Criterion Eclipse collection, Early Bergman, from our distributor yet (it’s on order with a few other Bergman titles). [UPDATE: Early Bergman has arrived, and thanks to our intrepid AV cataloger it’s ready to be checked out! The call number is DVD 2932.] Viewing a few of his earliest pieces would be a fabulous way to celebrate Bergman’s life. We do have a good deal of Bergman’s work on DVD and video, though. I recomend Wild Strawberries, my personal favorite.

If you’d like to read reviews or critical analysis of his films, try searching for “Bergman, Ingmar” in Film Index International, a great resource for information on films, directors, actors, and other film personalities. Under “references” in Bergman’s biography, you will find a list of articles written about him and his films. By clicking on the hyperlink for the article number, you can check if MSEL has the book or journal containing that article.

Rest in peace, Mr. Bergman.

2 thoughts on “Ingmar Bergman, 1918-2007

  1. So sad! I remember the first time I saw the Seventh Seal in my highschool english class. We were all floored. I’ll have to check our Early Bergman. Thanks.

  2. Hi Leigh Anne,
    I just finished cataloging a collection of “Early Bergman,” five DVDs of his earlier works (1944-1949). Titles are: Torment (1944 – for which he did his first produced screenplay); Crisis (1946); Port of call (1948); Thirst (1949); and To joy (1949). Call number is DVD 2932 ; it should be on the shelf in a day or so.
    Good timing, huh?

    Leigh Anne responds …

    Good timing indeed! Thanks.

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