JSTOR statistics (and my iPod)

You may have read our prior updates on JSTOR, a journal archive database that includes fulltext PDFs of journals (minus the most recent 2-5 years). I recently investigated our 2007 JSTOR usage statistics and found some interesting tidbits on just how much you people work. How much is JSTOR used here at Johns Hopkins? Currently […]

JHU announces interest in SCOAP3

The Johns Hopkins University has indicated its interest in participating in SCOAP3 and becomes the first institute on the U.S. East Coast to do so, stretching the SCOAP3 U.S. membership from the Atlantic to the Midwest, from the Mountains to the Pacific. In 10 days, 16 U.S. institutes have signed an Expression of Interest in […]

Will ScienceDirect Go Beyond a Million Downloads Again this Year?

From January – December 2006, Hopkins researchers downloaded 1,161,063 full text articles from ScienceDirect. So far, for statistics received from January – September 2007, Hopkins researchers have downloaded 867,247 full text articles, which is 1.5% down from last year at this time. With a few months to go before I have a full year’s worth […]

You Folks Are Busy!

I always knew Hopkins researchers and students were industrious, hardworking, and dedicated, but I never understood how busy you were until I started looking at use data from some of our electronic resources. Did you know that in 2006 every 3.75 minutes someone at Hopkins downloaded an article from Nature? That makes 16 Nature articles […]