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E-books for YOU

October has turned out to be “E-book Month” here at the library. We have 1 million e-books (truly!), and you can read all of them. How? Come to these events and we’ll show you. E-BOOKS FOR YOU Tuesday, October 8, 2-5PM … Continue reading

Catalyst Lifehacks

Now that you’re back and shaking the dust off of your research brain, let’s look at some handy Catalyst features that might get overlooked when you’re otherwise laser-focused on cranking out a paper. The first thing to know is that … Continue reading

Languages; We Have Lots of Languages

Guess how many languages the library has books written in. Just guess. Three-hundred and forty-six (346)!! Here is the list of all of them – it’s fascinating! Here are the 25 languages in which we have the most items: English 2,867,279 … Continue reading

The Further Adventures of the Digital Humanities

We told you last year about the hot, new field in humanities research, the Digital Humanities, or DH for short. Well, in the past 12 months, it hasn’t cooled off in the least! Sessions on DH at this year’s MLA … Continue reading

You seek, but do you find? Join us for a tour of…

Google, Google Books, and Google Scholar. Our workshop will focus on Google’s specialized search functions that have proven most useful for scholarly research. Date/Time: Tuesday, Feb 26, 4-5pmLocation: Electronic Resources Center, M-Level, MSE Library But you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to benefit. … Continue reading

What the {em#&quo}?

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, computers have had a hard time dealing with words with diacritics, or accents. Even today, you may see text online with odd characters like # or {} or &em or ?@ in the space … Continue reading

Have Books Will Travel

As you all finish up exams and papers, and head home (or elsewhere) for the holidays, here are a few tips to keep your celebrations worry-free, at least as far as the library is concerned: Renew all your books now. … Continue reading

Getting EBL E-books

What’s EBL, and why should I care? EBL (Electronic Book Library) is one of the JHU libraries’ e-book “packages” that we buy so that you can have access to many, many, many e-books (about a million; I’m not kidding). During … Continue reading

Got the PDF organization blues? If so…we’ve got some help

If you’re writing and researching, you probably have faced a common problem – how to best organize the articles you’re reading and what to use when creating bibliographies and formatting research papers. Finding articles has become quite easy through online … Continue reading

Mac is Back! Printing Works (we think)…

To all our beloved Mac users, we’re pretty sure we’ve finally solved that annoying, puzzling printing problem you’ve all been enduring. Our systems staff members have been working tirelessly, and we think the problem has been solved! So, there are … Continue reading