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And the Winner is…

The Grammys and Oscars have me thinking about awards (and stunning evening wear). It’s been a few years since we looked at the most downloaded online journals, so let’s take a peek into the envelope. In the category of most … Continue reading

Can I Share My Article?

If you’ve published a journal article, you want as many people as possible to see it, read it, and (hopefully) cite it in their own work. Now websites like ResearchGate and urge you to share the full text of your … Continue reading

Open Access Happens More Than One Week Per Year

We’ve wished you a Happy Open Access Week several times in this space. Problem is, Open Access (or OA) is available all the time. And the JHU Libraries provide services and resources to help you with your OA-related needs. So … Continue reading

JH Libraries Open Access Promotion Fund – Our Third Year

Back in October, 2012, during Open Access Week, the Scholarly Communications Group announced an initiative to help JHU authors publish their articles in Open Access journals. This is the third year of the fund. We’ve been so successful that we’ve … Continue reading

Journal Article Impact III: Altmetrics

Now you know how to figure out how often your journal article has been cited. Other nagging questions include: How many people read the article but didn’t cite it? And what if your article isn’t pure research? What if it’s … Continue reading

Journal Article Impact II: How Many Citations?

Time to answer that question – how do you determine the number of times an article has been cited? Don’t forget our rules of thumb from the previous post. Also, a lot of the information below is available here, so … Continue reading

The Game is Afoot!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that’s beneath a few more rocks, you’ve doubtless come across the revamped BBC/PBS production of Sherlock. Countless fans have had to wait countless months between seasons that count a mere three episodes each. … Continue reading

Journal Article Impact I: Rules of Thumb

Whether you’ve published 1 or 101 journal articles, you must be curious about how frequently those articles are read, shared, and cited. Later posts in this series will examine the many programs and applications that can help you track that … Continue reading

High-Energy Physics Articles for Everyone!

While many physics articles are freely available at arXiv, many are not; they’re tucked away in subscription journals. If you work at a government or university lab, you probably have access to most of the physics articles you need. High-energy … Continue reading

The Author’s Guild vs. Google

Last month, Google won its latest legal battle in its now eight-year-long argument with authors about scanning books, Authors Guild Inc et al v. Google Inc. The judge decided that the scanning of millions of copyrighted books by Google falls … Continue reading