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Journal Article Impact II: How Many Citations?

Time to answer that question – how do you determine the number of times an article has been cited? Don’t forget our rules of thumb from the previous post. Also, a lot of the information below is available here, so … Continue reading

Journal Article Impact I: Rules of Thumb

Whether you’ve published 1 or 101 journal articles, you must be curious about how frequently those articles are read, shared, and cited. Later posts in this series will examine the many programs and applications that can help you track that … Continue reading

The Author’s Guild vs. Google

Last month, Google won its latest legal battle in its now eight-year-long argument with authors about scanning books, Authors Guild Inc et al v. Google Inc. The judge decided that the scanning of millions of copyrighted books by Google falls … Continue reading

Bibliography: it’s not for the faint of heart. Part One

When you hear the word “bibliography,” what comes to mind? A dreaded assignment in an English class? The very last, incredibly annoying and frustrating thing you have to do before you turn in a paper? Those fears can be solved … Continue reading

Electronic Reserves Down Part of Friday Nov. 15

Our Electronic Reserves system is undergoing maintenance tomorrow, Friday Nov. 15th. The system is scheduled to be offline from 10am to 1pm. For more information during the outage, please contact Reserves staff at We thank you for your patience.

Comparing Different Cultures? Try eHRAF World Cultures!

Good news, anthropologists! Now there is an easier way to do a comparative study of different cultures from around the world.  Just try our recent addition to our growing database collection, eHRAF. eHRAF stands for the electronic edition of Human … Continue reading

So You Want to Publish in an Open Access Journal…

but how do you decide which one? Please understand that there are good, mediocre, and bad journals and publishers in print and online, in subscription and open access venues. Subscription journals have been around longer, so they have a longer … Continue reading

Anne Boleyn

This poem, by Elizabeth Akers Allen (1832-1911), is one of many works that have been inspired by Anne Boleyn who lost her head 477 years ago. She had won the heart of Henry the VIII, but refused to become his … Continue reading

The Federal Government and Research: An Integral Relationship

There’s nothing like a government shutdown to make me realize how important the US federal government is to academic research. I expected economists to have a hard time since timely reports on the economy aren’t available now. But many sites … Continue reading

The Homeland Wolf

Part of a monthly series of posts highlighting uncovered items of note, and the archival process brought to bear on these items, as we preserve, arrange, and describe the Roland Park Company Archives. A few weeks ago I was gathering … Continue reading