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Includes posts about movies in the Eisenhower Library

The Dog Days of Summer

Is this Baltimore summer hot enough for you? You might say we have hit the heart of the “dog days” of summer. You might also wonder where the heck that phrase comes from! It turns out, the origin of the … Continue reading

Summer “Camp” – Quirky Videos for Summer Evenings!

Is the summer heat wiping you out? Do you just need something fun to watch at the end of the day? Baltimore is well-known for its campy humor, probably best characterized in the films of John Waters. So, when in Baltimore, do as … Continue reading

Korean Movies!

If you’ve ever left a movie theater disappointed, convinced you were born in the wrong time, cheer up: a golden age in film is happening right now. It’s not happening in the United States, nor in Italy, nor France. Right … Continue reading

Anne Boleyn

This poem, by Elizabeth Akers Allen (1832-1911), is one of many works that have been inspired by Anne Boleyn who lost her head 477 years ago. She had won the heart of Henry the VIII, but refused to become his … Continue reading

Nuclear War and Fiction

In light of Summer Reading Season as well as the upcoming adaptation* of another story about what might happen after a nuclear conflict, let’s look at some of the novels and fictional movies that are based on effects of nuclear … Continue reading

Game of HopSFA

Are you thrilled that Game of Thrones has returned? Are you a fan of fantasy board games and sci fi movies? Then prepare to immerse yourself in JohnCon 2013 during the weekend of April 5-7. JohnCon is the annual convention … Continue reading

A Love Letter to the Movies

Is that Oscar buzz wearing off? Awww. You only have a scant eleven months until the next round of stellar stories vie for competition. Of course, the Oscars are more than just the winners and losers, it’s about the celebration … Continue reading

The Tournées French Film Festival 2013

Every spring, Hopkins hosts the JHU Tournées French cinema festival. Funded in part by the Embassy of France in the United States, the events are free and open to the public. Today marks the first day of this year’s Tournées Festival. In addition … Continue reading

A Celebration of New Year’s Celebrations

When the crowds gather at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on the evening of December 31, and the live music begins playing, and the fireworks bring the night sky to vivid life, we’ll be participating in one of the most longstanding rituals … Continue reading

The Hobbit

As you’ve no doubt heard, The Hobbit (first published in 1937) will soon be coming to a theater near you. Not once, but three times. Each of J.R.R. Tolkien’s three famous Lord of the Rings books (1954-1955) was made into … Continue reading