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Includes tips on how to use the library most effectively as well as announcements of formal instructional activities we offer

Got a Research Idea? Get Paid to Do It!

For most researchers, grant writing is part of their job. As one of the best research institutions in the nation, Johns Hopkins offers a wide range of resources and services to its faculty and researchers and helps them compete for … Continue reading

“A Plague of Sheep” — The Wonders of Browsing

Do you need another way to open your mind? Wander around the library and look at the titles of the books. Browsing is a marvelous thing. Try it — just put your stuff safely in a locker and stroll down … Continue reading

Comparing Different Cultures? Try eHRAF World Cultures!

Good news, anthropologists! Now there is an easier way to do a comparative study of different cultures from around the world.  Just try our recent addition to our growing database collection, eHRAF. eHRAF stands for the electronic edition of Human … Continue reading

Browsing, Serendipity, and Virtual Discovery

Recently I went down to B-level in search of four books—titles I had come across in my reading that I was sure were going to explain the mysteries of the universe, or at least, help me answer one part of … Continue reading

Improve Your Skills at the Library

A lot of skills are involved in a successful academic career. Active listening, note-taking, and studying…all of these will help you pass exams and write terms papers. Library skills will also help you get those good grades. This month we … Continue reading

Catalyst Lifehacks

Now that you’re back and shaking the dust off of your research brain, let’s look at some handy Catalyst features that might get overlooked when you’re otherwise laser-focused on cranking out a paper. The first thing to know is that … Continue reading

ABC’s of the Library

Welcome, or welcome back! You’ve survived move-in, pinned up your inspirational posters and tucked in your extra-long twin sheets. But now what? Well a good place to start is the library. Since there’s no student center on campus, we’ve informally … Continue reading

Time Flies, and So Can You!

With so many activities crammed into the beginning of the semester, you might become wearier of the tick-tocking clock than Captain Hook himself! But if you think your schedule is already so jam-packed you don’t have another second to spare, … Continue reading

No Desktops in the Library?

I just read an interesting blog post about the future of desktop computers in libraries. Will mobile computing devices and improvements in collaboration tools (think TeamSpot) decrease the need for desktop computers in the academic library? In the early 1990′s … Continue reading

Academic as Apple Pie: Submit Your Course Reserves Today!

Pumpkin pie, sweaters, apple pie, crisp air, pecan pie…fall is coming soon to a campus near you! But, how can you think about baking (and eating) delicious autumnal treats and taking long walks with colorful leaves crunching beneath your feet … Continue reading