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Includes tips on how to use the library most effectively as well as announcements of formal instructional activities we offer

CQ & the Humanities – Let’s put Congress to Work!

Congressional Quarterly (aka, CQ) publications have long been great sources of information on the activities of Congress. Political science scholars and others in the social sciences know CQ all too well. But, is it possible that the CQ publications would be useful … Continue reading

Need Images? Find them in ARTstor!

The JHU Visual Resources Collection is now available within the ARTstor Digital Library via Shared Shelf. Shared Shelf is a tool that allows the Visual Resources Collection (VRC) to publish our image collection to ARTstor for JHU faculty, students, and … Continue reading

Catalyst Lifehacks

Now that you’re back and shaking the dust off of your research brain, let’s look at some handy Catalyst features that might get overlooked when you’re otherwise laser-focused on cranking out a paper. The first thing to know is that … Continue reading

The Many Ways to Get Library Help

There are many ways to ask for help. Some folks prefer help in a face-to-face setting. Others are more comfortable on the phone, in a chat room, querying a database, or Googling around the Internet. Knowing we’re all so different, … Continue reading

Changes at MSEL

If you’re a returning student (or staff or faculty), there are a few changes around MSEL you should know about. Elevators – The MSEL public elevators (near the central staircase) are in the midst of a renovation. We don’t expect … Continue reading

Can you get 0 results in the catalog?

There used to be a game called Googlewhack where the goal was to get only 1 result in a Google results list using only 2 real words in your search. While our catalog isn’t as huge as the Internet (or … Continue reading

All of the July’s*

It’s July. How many “July” things do the JHU libraries have in their catalog? Let’s find out. On the library home page, you can search for things. But we kindly allow you to choose to put in a few words … Continue reading

M Level Current Periodicals Has it All!

As journals, magazines, and newspapers moved online, MSEL decreased our print subscriptions. This happened most quickly in the science and engineering fields. Back in 2008 we started decreasing shelf space on C Level for print journal issues. At this point, … Continue reading

JHU Visual Resources Collection now in ARTstor!

After many years of service, the platform that housed the JHU Visual Resources Collection’s Digital Image Database (DID@JHU or MDID) is being retired. The JHU Visual Resources Collection is now available within the ARTstor Digital Library via Shared Shelf. Shared Shelf is … Continue reading

MSEL Helps you Forecast the Future!

Nope, this isn’t about the discovery of a Greek oracle on D Level. This is about the different resources MSEL offers that deal with different types of future forecasting. Weather forecasting is covered by books and articles within Catalyst. We … Continue reading