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When Librarians Gather

Several years ago, there was an amusing video making the rounds (well, it was amusing to librarians anyway), that was a parody of the then popular film March of the Penguins. It was a light-hearted look at a twice-yearly librarian … Continue reading

Intersession in Special Collections: Get Down and Dirty with Books

So, you like the smell of ink and old paper? You love strange tales? Maybe you’re into the exotic locales they can take you to? Or maybe you like to do weird digital things with printed matter? Yeah, I’m talking … Continue reading

The Sweren Student Book Collecting Contest is Open!

The Betty and Edgar Sweren Student Book Collecting Contest recognizes the love of books and the delight in shaping a thoughtful and focused book collection. All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a degree program at Johns Hopkins are eligible … Continue reading

Scholarship In Action: Library Research Fellows Roundtable

Ever wonder about what people research in Special Collections? Well, wonder no more as we present to you our inaugural Special Collections Research Center program focusing on graduate student research. Recipients of the 2013 Summer Library Research Fellowship will give … Continue reading

Baltimore Book Festival (AKA When Bibliophiles Go Wild at the Peabody Library)!

The reintroduction of pumpkin spice lattes? Please. Everyone knows that the true start of fall is the Baltimore Book Festival, and it is happening September 27-29th in lovely Mount Vernon Square! There will be so many activities! Oodles of vintage … Continue reading

GIS Workshops: Geography is Cooler than You Think It Is

For many of us, our last brush with geography was in middle school when we were asked to color in maps of various regions that we were studying, and we haven’t given it much thought since then. Well, times have … Continue reading

Improve Your Skills at the Library

A lot of skills are involved in a successful academic career. Active listening, note-taking, and studying…all of these will help you pass exams and write terms papers. Library skills will also help you get those good grades. This month we … Continue reading

Time Flies, and So Can You!

With so many activities crammed into the beginning of the semester, you might become wearier of the tick-tocking clock than Captain Hook himself! But if you think your schedule is already so jam-packed you don’t have another second to spare, … Continue reading

Happy 20th, Otakon!

Are you a fan of anime or manga? Do you know who Solid Snake is, and why he opposes FOXHOUND? Have you participated in Cosplay? Or even Larping? If these terms are familiar to you, you may well be a … Continue reading

Real Cake for Virtual Books!

Hurrah! Catalyst now has more than one million ebooks!!! To celebrate all those virtual books, we’re serving real cake. Please join us! Q level of MSEL 2:00 pm Thursday, August 8th There will be cake AND librarians eager to talk … Continue reading