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JohnCon 2014 is almost here! This 48-hour extravaganza will begin on Friday, April 4, at 5pm, and will not stop until Sunday, April 6, at 5pm. The admission fee is “Pay Whatever You Want to Pay.” The highlights include panels … Continue reading

Web of Science Has Changed

One tool that will tell you how many times an article has been cited, or who cited a particular article, is Web of Science. It has a new platform, so here are a few helpful tips. You land on the … Continue reading

Follow Your Music

Music makes the world go ‘round. We all carry our music with us – on our devices or in our hearts, or both. But you can do more than that. JHU has one of the best music schools in the … Continue reading

The Author’s Guild vs. Google

Last month, Google won its latest legal battle in its now eight-year-long argument with authors about scanning books, Authors Guild Inc et al v. Google Inc. The judge decided that the scanning of millions of copyrighted books by Google falls … Continue reading

“A Plague of Sheep” — The Wonders of Browsing

Do you need another way to open your mind? Wander around the library and look at the titles of the books. Browsing is a marvelous thing. Try it — just put your stuff safely in a locker and stroll down … Continue reading

E-books for YOU

October has turned out to be “E-book Month” here at the library. We have 1 million e-books (truly!), and you can read all of them. How? Come to these events and we’ll show you. E-BOOKS FOR YOU Tuesday, October 8, 2-5PM … Continue reading

Why Are There Orange Signs on C Level?

I was looking for an organic chemistry book on C Level and saw lots of orange signs hanging up. What’s going on? You mean the signs in the Science Reference section that say “Don’t Put the Books Back!! (We’re counting.)”? … Continue reading

Languages; We Have Lots of Languages

Guess how many languages the library has books written in. Just guess. Three-hundred and forty-six (346)!! Here is the list of all of them – it’s fascinating! Here are the 25 languages in which we have the most items: English 2,867,279 … Continue reading

Nuclear War and Fiction

In light of Summer Reading Season as well as the upcoming adaptation* of another story about what might happen after a nuclear conflict, let’s look at some of the novels and fictional movies that are based on effects of nuclear … Continue reading

Let’s Get Small

JHU’s Institute for NanoBioTechnology (inbt) invites you to attend its annual nanobiotechnology symposium. The symposium will be held on Friday, May 17, in Shriver Hall on Homewood campus. What’s the theme of this year’s symposium? The title is Translating the Promise … Continue reading