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Summer “Camp” – Quirky Videos for Summer Evenings!

Is the summer heat wiping you out? Do you just need something fun to watch at the end of the day? Baltimore is well-known for its campy humor, probably best characterized in the films of John Waters. So, when in Baltimore, do as … Continue reading

Surrealism at Mid-Century: Exhibit Opening on Friday, April 25th

“That’s totally surreal!” – a common buzz-phrase we hear these days, usually when someone finds something weird or utterly unbelievable. But, did you know that the word “surreal” is a very specific term that has its roots in a 20th-century … Continue reading

Hey…Something Looks Different

If you’ve been on M Level of the library lately, walking to the printing room or on your way over to BroCo, you may have noticed that the enormous wall of books near the printing room looks suddenly more colorful. … Continue reading

The Enthusiastic Voter!

OK, today is the big day: Election Day!  Psyched, right? As you’re preparing to cast your vote, you might be interested in perusing some of these sources. Knowledge is power! Pro/Con: 2012 Presidential Election Gallup Polls: Election 2012 Rock the … Continue reading

Images for Scientists & Engineers: Where to Look?

More and more, engineers and scientists need visual materials for their work. Civil engineers need images of bridges and buildings; astronomers need pictures of galaxies and nebulae; biologists want to see microbes up close and personal. A picture is worth … Continue reading

Who Knew? Library Guides you might not expect!

When you think of libraries, what springs to mind? Books, research databases, datasets, videos, incredibly helpful librarians like me (smile)… right? Well, you might be surprised to know that the guides below are very popular among the MSEL’s biggest fans. Check them … Continue reading

Mac is Back! Printing Works (we think)…

To all our beloved Mac users, we’re pretty sure we’ve finally solved that annoying, puzzling printing problem you’ve all been enduring. Our systems staff members have been working tirelessly, and we think the problem has been solved! So, there are … Continue reading

The Art of Google Customization

Do you know about Google Custom? It’s a great feature that allows you to focus your Google searching across exactly the websites you want. Of course it’s really cool for personal use, but MSEL has used it to facilitate art history research. … Continue reading

Olympics: Then & Now

The 2012 Summer Olympics are fast approaching!  London will be abuzz with athletes and sports enthusiasts from just about everywhere – and our TVs will blaze with fast-paced Olympic coverage. It’s an exciting time worldwide. Aside from cheering for Michael … Continue reading

Times, they are a-changin’ – Library Hours, that is…

Exams are over and summer is officially (well, unofficially – by the academic calendar) here! But, don’t fear – the library would never let you down! We just won’t be open 24/7 (that’s OK, right?). From now till the end … Continue reading