Museums Studies Research: Near & Far

If you’re studying for an MA in Museum Studies or enrolled in the undergraduate Museums & Society program – or, if you’re just plain interested in museums – you may want to know about resources you can use here and abroad!

Based in Baltimore? Head over to the library to find books in our collection on museums in general or related topics, such as art conservation, museum and exhibit design, and effective management of cultural properties. Our printed collection is growing by the day! And if you need help feel free to call, text, chat, email, or stop by.

For those off campus, we have a growing collection of electronic books in museum studies. Since the MA in Museum Studies program is nearly entirely online, these are particularly useful for students enrolled in this program. And, assistance for students in this program is just an email away at

No matter where you are geographically, be sure to use our Museum Studies Research Guide to point you to even more scholarship in the field!

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Librarian for Art History, Classics, Film & Media Studies, and Near Eastern Studies

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