Printers are Important!

mfdsWe've been talking with students lately about the different services MSEL and Brody offer. The printers are the most heavily used service we offer (we're talkin' OVER A MILLION prints/scans/copies per year). And the Info Desk gets a lot of questions about them, too. (1121 questions during 10 months of 2013.) So here's a refresher.




  • M level, MSE - 2 print/copy, 3 print/copy/scan
  • A level, MSE - 1 color print/copy/scan
  • B level, MSE - 1 print/copy
  • C level, MSE - 2 print/copy
  • D level, MSE - 2 print/copy
  • B level, BLC -  1 print/copy

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Robin is the Scholarly Communications Specialist at Sheridan Libraries, JHU. Metrics, academic publishing, discovery, repositories, and Open Science interest her.

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