All Studying, All the Time

Spring Fair is history. Classes end May 4th. Reading period is May 5-8, and finals are May 9-17.

To help with this turbo-charged calendar, the Hut and all the levels in MSEL will be open 24/7 from Saturday, May 5th, through Thursday, May 17th. So that our students can find seats, visitor hours will be limited to 8 AM to 4 PM during this time.

If MSEL and the Hut feel a bit crowded, you can look forward to more room next year, when the BLC opens. It will have more room and some cool technology. Seniors, it's a great reason to come back for a visit! And remember, you can always Ask a Librarian for help!


About Robin Sinn

Robin is the Scholarly Communications Specialist at Sheridan Libraries, JHU. Metrics, academic publishing, discovery, repositories, and Open Science interest her.

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