PsycINFO: A Database for Your Mind

PsycINFO is a library database that covers a LOT of ground. Subject-wise, it includes (but isn't limited to) the following topics:

  • psychology
  • psychiatry
  • animal behavior
  • neuroscience
  • social psychology
  • educational psychology
  • history of psychology

It covers different types of literature:

  • peer-reviewed journal articles
  • periodical articles
  • book chapters
  • dissertations

It also covers a huge amount of time: 1880s - present! Journals in 29 languages are indexed by PsycINFO.

PsycINFO also offers lots of ways to focus your search. In a previous post I talked about the limits offered by PsycINFO. A future post will look at the thesaurus PsycINFO offers. If you're interested in other library resources about psychology or neuroscience, we have a library guide just for you.

About Robin Sinn

Robin is the Scholarly Communications Specialist at Sheridan Libraries, JHU. Metrics, academic publishing, discovery, repositories, and Open Science interest her.

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