I have to admit, I am addicted…

I have friends who are addicted to their Smartphones and social media. They are constantly updating their Facebook (FB) status, tweeting, downloading pictures to Flickr, or glued to their smartphones, talking or texting or playing with an app of some kind. Be honest, now: can you leave home without your smartphone? Have you gone one day without Facebook, blogging, or tweeting?

We all know that social media can certainly become a river down which all of your time flows. However, the number of ways in which social media and e-devices contribute to the educational goals of students and others is remarkable. For example:

  • Some professors create FB pages for their incoming freshman classes, so that students can get to know one another as well as ask questions of the professor, the librarian, and the TA’s before their college careers begin
  • Twitter has been shown to be a successful tool for generating interaction among students and creating a stronger presence for the professor, especially in online classes.
  • As for smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, there are amazing educational apps available: Spanish for Dummies (Nook) or the history of the Great Chicago Fire (iPhone), anyone?

How do you use social media or your smartphones/tablets/e-devices to educate yourself? Please tell us!

Have you ever gone cold turkey on one of your favorite social networking spaces? If so, how did you feel? If not, give it a try and let me know how your life changed.

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