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New Things, More Ways – Change Is Always Hard

It’s been an astonishing year in digital publishing! What’s happening behind the scenes of those appealing e-books on your new e-reader? Look at events occurring right this minute in the chaotic world of reading: Authors and publishers are arguing — … Continue reading

Reads to Savor: Nurses & Doctors!

You’ve already seen our previous “Reads to Savor” posts about Actors and about Science Fiction. Another group of materials that might not spring to mind involves the heroic lives of medical professionals – something Hopkins folks actually know a lot about! … Continue reading

MSEL Opens at 11 AM on 1/21

The library will open at 11 AM on Saturday, January 21 due to weather conditions.

MSEL in January. What’s Not to Like?

On the Homewood campus, January is a special time of year. There are fewer people on campus. Intersession offers interesting classes. Everyone is more relaxed. A good number of people still come into MSEL, but it’s below the usual number … Continue reading

Where is Wikipedia?!

To protest two U.S. bills about online piracy and intellectual property, Wikipedia will black out the English Wikipedia for 24 hours. The English language version of Wikipedia will not be available for 24 hours, back online after midnight tonight. SOPA, … Continue reading

Documenting American Culture: Historical Black Newspapers!

Are you studying the Harlem Renaissance? Or, are you writing a paper on the Civil Rights Movement? Or, on any aspect of our country’s history, for that matter! Check out the historical black newspapers in our collection for great primary sources … Continue reading

Reads to Savor: Sci Fi!

As all you dedicated library blog readers know, we love SciFi (just take a look at the related posts listed below). If you share this passion, here are some tips to find good SciFi to read during break. Finding Science Fiction Go … Continue reading

Nashville Cats

I just got back from a workshop in Nashville on assessing student learning (more about that later!), and now I can’t stop humming that song. A city immortalized by the Lovin’ Spoonful and Robert Altman has to be pretty cool, right? So … Continue reading

Look Who’s Blogging!

Our friends at the Johns Hopkins University Press! They’ve started the new year with a bang, I mean, blog. We’re adding it to our blogroll so we can keep up with all the doings of this wonderful press which gives … Continue reading

Why I Tweet

I tweet. Quite a lot, actually. Does that make me a twit? If you think so, tell it to the astronauts on the International Space Station (@ISS_Research), whose feed is “NASA’s official source for research news from the International Space … Continue reading