Monthly Archives: November 2011

Study Break in Mount Vernon! Woo Hoo!

On the illustrious eve of the last day of classes, give yourself a break and partake in some holiday cheer downtown in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. Thursday, December 1, marks this year’s lighting ceremony for the Mount Vernon Monument – it’s … Continue reading

Think Librarians Know EVERYthing?

Think again! While the librarians in the Eisenhower Library are all subject specialists, we are also “generalists” and need to help patrons in any and all fields of study, because we all spend time each week in the Research Consultation … Continue reading

Forget Siri, Text Milton!

We’re at that time of year—classes are coming to an end; all floors in the library will soon be open 24/7; and space is at a premium. You were lucky enough to grab that carrel or table and you’re parked … Continue reading

Thanksgiving By the Numbers

Some people have memorable birthdays, like December 25, January 1, February 29 (how confusing!), July 4. But no one can have a Thanksgiving birthday and here’s why. Thanksgiving, which falls on November 24, 2011 this year, did not have a fixed time … Continue reading

Vogueing in Special Collections?

Ever wonder what goes on in the Department of Special Collections? Totally awesome things, that’s what! Our student employees in particular do a wide variety of jobs, from monitoring our snazzy Reading Room to conducting research on interesting items in our … Continue reading

Finding the Real Thing

Many assignments for JHU courses require students to find and use “primary resources.” What the heck are primary resources, and how in the world do you find them? This is the first of 2 blogs that will help answer these … Continue reading

Dancing at the Peabody (no wedding required)

Usually when people are found dancing inside the George Peabody Library, there’s a wedding going on. OK, that’s not entirely true. We do also occasionally find a researcher (or staff member) getting down after having found that perfect (or at … Continue reading

What’s a TX?

Texas? Not in the library. For us, “TX” is a call number, just like QA , PT and HF are call numbers. But you don’t hear a lot about the books in TX. Why not? Because the topic of TX is not … Continue reading

PsycINFO: Lots of Limits

PsycINFO is the database to use for literature searches about psychology, psychiatry, behavioral science (including animal behavior), and mental health. The things you already know how to do probably include keyword searching and using FindIt to link to the full … Continue reading

Fascination with Animation!

From Mickey Mouse to Japanese Anime, animated films have fascinated us for decades. And, animation is of scholarly interest here at Hopkins in the Film & Media Studies Program. Karen Yasinsky, a recent recipient of the coveted Rome Prize, regularly teaches … Continue reading