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The Salem Witch Trials (1692-1693)

Between the years 1692-1693, several people were brought to trial in colonial Massachusetts for their involvement in witchcraft. The mass hysteria began when Elizabeth Parris, the nine year old daughter of Reverend Samuel Parris began to have fits. Her cousin … Continue reading

Scary Movies = Halloween Fun!

The weather outside isn’t exactly frightful (that’s for another holiday), but many films in our library collection are! To get in the Halloween spirit this week, why not check out some DVDs? What type of movie scares you the most? Ghost stories? Horror … Continue reading

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost: The Henry Ridgely Evans Story!

Way before NYPL had their own foray into ghost busting, Baltimore’s own librarian-lawyer-journalist-mason-magic historian extraordinaire Henry Ridgely Evans (1861-1949) was on the scene. Ever interested in the paranormal (indeed, one newspaper account mentions that Evans “touched elbows and hobnobbed with spooks … Continue reading

Open Access Week: Opening Doors with Open Data

The idea of sharing research data – both scientific and social science – has been around for quite some time (for replication studies and new science), but the Open Data Initiative (can be defined in a few different ways, but … Continue reading

Tales from the Trenches, Educause Edition

We’ve triumphantly returned from Educause Annual Conference after presenting our poster, Tales from the Trenches: Social Media Use at the Sheridan Libraries, to a whole range of folks from higher ed, including professors, IT professionals, deans and librarians, from all … Continue reading

Open Access Week: Philosophy Resources

The Open Access (OA) movement is most typically associated with a specific disciplinary domain and a specific format of research literature: The scientific journal article. But OA is actually much broader than this. For instance, there are movements toward OA in disciplines … Continue reading

Open Access Week: Authors’ Rights and Copyrights

You have written a manuscript describing your research. This manuscript represents hundreds of hours spent reading, writing, and doing the actual research. To get this published in a reputable journal, two things must happen. 1.  It must be approved by … Continue reading

PubMed Is the Answer!

Maybe PubMed isn’t the answer to *everything*, but this extraordinary database has the answers to most things related to medicine, biochemistry, and other biomedical sciences. The PubMed workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 26, at 5PM. Here is a sneak … Continue reading


Since our acquisition last fall of the Dr. Elliott and Eileen Hinkes Collection of Rare Books in the History of Science, we’ve heard from students, faculty, and alumni, all of whom have been anxious to to get a closer look … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to Us

Get out your confetti and party hats, ’cause this January marks the fifth anniversary of our blog! We’ve just passed 800 entries, and we’re celebrating by taking this show on the road! Members of the Research Services Department will be … Continue reading