Physics by Phone

arXiv is the open server for e-prints in physics, math, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics.

Do you need to check what's new every day? Of course you do, and here are the three iPhone apps for using arXiv:

  • arXiv - 3.5 stars, 64 ratings, FREE
  • ArXivReader - 4 stars, 13 ratings, $.99
  • ArXivview - 4.5 stars, 9 ratings, $.99

They have differences in browsing or searching by date or subject, as well as varying capabilities in other functionality, such as being able to e-mail the PDF without leaving the app or putting PDFs into folders.

There are some detailed blog discussions and comparisons about the features of each.

Please help your friends and the arXiv-using community by telling us which app you use, and why.

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